Dear patients and visitors interested in a functional medicine/integrative medicine/naturopathic approach to the COVID-19 pandemic,

We are here for you and your families and realize you are searching for answers and solutions. Please follow the CDC’s recommendations for staying safe during the quarantine. Artemis Wellness Center is open for telemedicine consults with patients and has limited hours for acupuncture with CDC recommended precautions in place for health and safety for all.

I am diligently scouring the research to share the most up-to-date holistic recommendations for you during this confusing time and to help you navigate through the barrage of information with integrity. While many integrative measures have not yet been validated in human trials specifically for COVID-19, this is an opportune time to focus on prevention and wellness.

All recommendations will be based on scientific evidence and can be accessed for free on our Learn page and by signing up for my FREE Newsletter.

Blessings for health and wellness,

Dr Artemis Morris