Flower essence therapy is the use of flower extracts to address the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness. For example, Centaury flower essence helps a person with establishing boundaries and having a strong sense of inner purpose. There are hundreds of different flower essences (as there are countless numbers of flavors) each addressing a different aspect of human nature.

Dr. Artemis Morris makes custom flower essence combinations that are effective for emotional balance and stress.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Artemis Morris for a custom flower essence formula, click here.


Flower essences may be taken individually or as a combination formula.

Aromatherapy Sprays

Stress Relief, Joy, Sage Spray, Benevolence, and Meditation

Dr.Artemis hand blends aromatherapy essential oils and flower essences to make her healing sprays with pure, organic, ingredients.

  • Massage oils
  • Bath salts
  • Customized flower essence therapy formula (requires medical visit)
  • Customized tinctures (requires medical visit)
  • Customized Chinese herbal formula for women’s health (requires medical visit)

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Five-Flower Formula

A combination of five English flower essences first developed by Dr. Edward Bach, promoting calm and balance in diverse situations of stress, emergency, and trauma.

Five-Flower Formula is a highly effective, synergistic blend of five different flower essences in the repertory of English flower essences. This remarkable combination was first developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s through his own practice and observation.

Five-Flower Formula belongs to the Healing Herbs line of English flower essences, prepared in England by Julian Barnard, and distributed in North America by Flower Essence Services. The following is a brief look at each of the five flowers which comprise this remedy:

  • Rock RoseHelianthemum nummularium
    Rock Rose is used for extreme conditions of terror or fear. Its role within the Five-Flower Formula is to bring stabilization and calm, particularly by helping to anchor light, or an inner force of sun-radiance, which typically darkens during extreme states of fear or panic.
  • ClematisClematis vitalba
    This plant exudes a quality of dreamy, floaty “other-worldliness”, and is indicated for amorphous states of awareness which are lacking in clarity and fully awake consciousness. In the Five-Flower Formula, Clematis helps to draw one’s consciousness back into the body and into present time during episodes of extreme stress, when one tends to lose connection with the physical body.
  • ImpatiensImpatiens glandulifera
    As its old folk name of Impatiens suggests, this flower essence is used to balance and soothe those who suffer from intense irritability, impulsivity, or hastiness. The Impatiens flower helps us to “breathe with” time, rather than to fight it. Thus we can understand its important role in the Five-Flower Formula, when extreme crisis or emergency often distorts our ability to remain calm and to flow with outer events.
  • Cherry PlumPrunus cerasifera
    Cherry Plum is beneficial for states of extreme tension and fear of losing control. This over-straining and tightening of one’s “psychic grip” on reality creates incredible stress. Like the pure white flowers themselves, the Cherry Plum brings a sense of inner peace and stillness to the Five Flower Formula, allowing us to ease the contraction felt in body and mind during times of panic and emergency.
  • Star Of BethlehemOrnithogalum umbellatum
    This is a significant remedy for various states of shock or trauma, which have distorted or diminished one’s more radiant inner forces. In the Five-Flower Formula, the Star of Bethlehem helps us to regain deep composure, allowing us to learn from and master the situation at hand. Beyond the immediate recovery from shock and trauma, the Star of Bethlehem also points us to a deeper sense of acceptance and understanding of our experience

Five-Flower Formula: Indications for Use:

There are myriad possible uses of this remarkable formula. Most typically it is used to help with the mental levels of pain, suffering, and confusion which surround any crisis or emergency. It can be helpful for those who are assisting in a crisis or emergency, as well as those who are actually experiencing the distress or pain.

Five-Flower Formula is an ideal, all-purpose home-care remedy. Many mothers use it to calm children who have fallen or hurt themselves, or who are beside themselves with panic or fear. It can be used for household accidents such as burns, along with a cream or suitable ointment. It is also used regularly in stressful situations such as visits to the dentists or childbirth.

Five-Flower Formula is widely reported to be used in cream base or sublingually to help any recovery effort such as after surgery, or in any post-traumatic stress situation such as war, rape, natural disaster, or loss of one’s loved ones or home. Finally, many therapists report using Five-Flower Formula as an “entry-level” remedy in their health practices.

Practical Suggestions for Use:

Because this formula is especially designed to assist in emergencies, it is important to keep in handy in places that provide immediate access. In most cases it is advisable to have one or more bottles in various locations such as your purse or briefcase, the glove compartment of your car, and the medicine chest, bathrooms, and kitchen of your home.

In emergency situations, Five Flower Formula can be taken directly from the stock bottle with four drops under the tongue, or a half-dropper mixed in a glass of water. You may also make a dosage bottle with the remedy, with equally effective results.

If you are assisting someone who is unable to drink, you can rub some of the concentrate on the lips and on the pulse points of the body. Alternatively, you can spray or mist the formula on the lips and over the whole body.

Doctor Artemis’ training in flower essences is with the Flower Essence Society. She prescribes flower essence combinations based on each individual’s healing needs.