Nutritional supplements include vitamins, mineral, nutrients, herbs, and other natural substance that may be taken in pill, powder, liquid, or topical forms.  Naturopathic physicians are the only general practice trained physicians that learn how to use nutritional supplements throughout their four years of medical school and are trained in assessing quality and individualized needs for nutritional supplements. Contrary to popular belief, nutritional supplements are regulated by the FDA under the DHSEA, however, these laws do not protect the consumer against using a safe supplement incorrectly. To know whether a supplement is safe for you requires the expertise of a naturopathic physician. If your car breaks down, you want to go to an expert mechanic, likewise, if you want to know which nutritional supplements are right for you, consult with an expert naturopathic physician to get the best advice possible. Nutritional supplements can also be used to prevent disease by addressing nutrient deficiencies before they affect pathological changes in your body.

Not all supplements are safe, therefore, Naturopathic physicians will take into account drug-nutrient, nutrient-nutrient, genetic and biochemical individuality, and nutrient absorbtion issues when designing your individualized treatment plan. Likewise, many pharmaceutical medications can induce nutrient deficiencies, therefore, your naturopath will also recommend nutritional supplements to decrease the risk of side effects from medications.

Once your naturopathic physician determines the best nutritional supplement plan for your healthcare needs, you may receive a referral code so you can get the supplements you need online, directly from the companies we order from for our physician-grade dispensary.

1. QUALITY OF INGREDIENTS consistent with product label
You don’t know what you are getting if you get them from other places (pharmacy, vitamin stores, etc.).

*There are not any strict standards on quality of ingredients for nutritional supplements and herbs and that leads to lack clinical effectiveness. The FDA is trying to improve standards with their updated Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) ( through improving good manufacturing practices (GMP), however, there will never be a substitute for expert advice.

If you are getting your nutritional supplements from a Naturopath’s office your doctor is expertly trained in choosing quality supplements that can be effective if taken properly.

*Most quality supplement companies sell only to Naturopathic physician’s, therefore, you have access to the highest quality products from your Naturopath’s office. You will save time and money by consulting an expert that can judge the quality of a supplement for you.

So, you read in a magazine that Echinacea is good for colds- Well, did you know there are many species of Echinacea and that not all of them are as potent as an immune system booster? This is information your Naturopathic Physician has had at least four year’s training in as part of their medical school education.

How do you know the Echinacea is safe for you? Herbs and supplements, while safer than pharmaceutical drugs in general, do have potential side-effects and interactions with other medication if not taken properly. Your Naturopathic physician is an expert in what herbs and supplements interact with medication and is available to you if you should experience any concerns.

You can actually be doing more harm than good by taking a product over the counter. For example, fish oils as we all know are good for your heart may help lower cholesterol levels, and are anti-inflammatory. This is NOT true if you are taking a poor quality fish oil that has gone rancid and has not been tested for harmful heavy metals- rancid fish oils may actually increase your cholesterol by causing oxidant rather than preventing oxidation. Be safe rather than sorry- it is worth it financially and health wise in the end.

Our fingerprints are unique to each of us, in the same way, the way our body works is unique, therefore, it is important for a professional (ND) to assess your optimal individualized treatment plan. The right supplement for you can be expertly addressed by a Naturopathic Physician after careful observation, examination, and interview.

“My Naturopathic Physician’s supplements are more expensive than the one I get from the drug store or buyers club”.

Yes, sometimes quality means paying a price. Do you want to pay for your health now or later? If you penny pinch on supplements now by getting a poor quality product that is not likely to be effective and may actually cause harm, you are throwing your penny’s away and may end up paying for it in hundreds of dollars in medical bills later.

Research has shown that taking a multivitamin reduces your risk of hospitalizations and can save you and your insurance company millions.


NDs have the education (4 years medical school), experience ( natural therapies), and credentialing ( state license) to make them experts in nutritional supplements.
If you want to go to the expert in what pharmaceutical drug is right for you, go to your MD or DO, they have the education, experience, and credentialing to prescribe Drugs. MDs and DOs and DCs are generally not trained in nutrition, nor nutritional supplement, nor herbs and they certainly have not had the training a Naturopathic Physician has had in learning throughout their at least four years of medical school training about what natural supplement, herb, or natural modality is most effective for their patient.

If you want to take a nutritional supplement of herb that is safe, effective, and individualized to your needs instead of a pharmaceutical drug for your problem- consult a Naturopath.

Don’t mess around with your health or your health with mess around with you.