Dr. Morris has played an instrumental role in my recovery from chronic illness. She is a kind, generous practitioner, a gifted healer and a wealth of knowledge in the fields of natural medicine and nutrition. It’s always a pleasure to see her in the office. From both acupuncture sessions and integrative visits, I’ve experienced meaningful changes in a surprisingly short period of time thanks to her guidance and recommendations. 


When I started seeing Dr. Morris almost 6 months ago, I didn’t think it was possible for me to ever “get better.” I had learned to live with my illnesses and thought my limitations and symptoms would always be obstacles I would have to work with.

However, with the guided help and support of Dr Morris and her team, I now see that there is a better quality of life for me that is attainable. It didn’t happen overnight, but I now feel better than I have in the past 6+ years, as we continue to see what further improvements can be made. I am so happy I made the choice to explore what solutions naturopathic medicine can offer me. Thank you!


I am a 54 year old woman who has enjoyed every moment since I’ve been old enough to walk – to play outside! Adding to the outdoor commitment, I was a life guard during high school and two summers of college. 10 hour days all in the sun! Total Bliss!

The beating my skin has endured continues with an additional 25 ++ years of boating every summer on Long Island Sound. Yes, I have added more sun screen than during my youthful years, but salt air, salt water and sun do take their toll.

About the age of 50, I met Dr. Artemis in my journey to figure out how to repair and hold back the deepening “laugh” lines (also known as Trish’s crevices) and to improve the overall skin tone. Holding back the sands of time also plays a part in my corporate career of over 30 + years with the goal to be forever young over the next 10+ years.

The gentle touch of Dr. Artemis’ acupuncture is a triple home run! I have fewer deep crevices, healthy tighter collagen and the gift to myself of 60 minutes to relax with Dr. Artemis’ care.

What does it feel like? a pin-prick for less than a second.

What are the results?

  • my brothers and sister all have the deep lines between the eyes and furrows around the mouth that we inherited from our parents. By comparison, I really dont have the same lines that they do even though we are all within years of each other in age.
  • less lines around my eyes and mouth despite adding 4 years to my life since I’ve met Dr. Artemis while still boating every summer and playing in the outdoors as much as possible!
  • tighter, younger collagen without the red feathery lines on my cheeks
    less droopy eye-lids and a more uplifted jowl
  • 100% elimination of lines from my mouth to my ears
  • friends who have complimented and have also had facial acupuncture with Dr. Artemis — the highest compliment of all!!
  • my daughter who took notice after comparing photo’s one holiday and is also working with Dr. Artemis to improve her after-baby hormone skin
  • and the most important side-benefit is an appreciation for all things natural that flow through conversations with Dr. Artemis which hopefully makes me a better person on our planet.

If I had only met Dr Artemis when I was 30 or 40, WOW! It is never to early or to late to start!! I would highly recommend Dr. Artemis’ facial acupuncture.


I have had nothing but good experiences since I started coming to see Dr. Morris. I started some time this year. I first came in with bad acne and a horrible body rash. Since I started seeing her my acne and rash are basically non existent. It just continues to get better and better. I was given zinc to help with the acne and it worked. I also went on an elimination diet for the rash and since it’s much, much better. I went for blood work that showed i was deficient in some minerals and that i had a sluggish thyroid. I was given a supplement for it all and am feeling much better.

I was a mess when I first started .. dealing with acne and a rash made me anxious .. I was given a flower essence therapy and anytime I start to feel anxious I put 3 drops on my tongue and I feel better. I was also having uti issues and I was given a womans probiotic which has kept them away. I also was given fish oil which helped my skin be less dry and more radiant. This is just a little of the help I’ve received.

I started doing crainosacral and acupuncture. It’s all been amazing. I respond very well to it all. I have emotional breakthroughs as well as physical. Dr. Morris has really helped me get through a tough time in my life and I’ll forever be grateful and be a loyal customer of hers!


I receive care that is both compassionate and complete.  From the time I’m greeted with a hug upon arrival, to the patient listening and expert treatments of acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, and cupping, Dr. Artemis seeks to provide help and healing in a truly holistic way.

My migraines and general wellness have improved and I feel more centered and self-aware.  I truly look forward to each appointment, knowing I will leave feeling renewed, calm, and more educated about how to continue to care for myself.

I often refer and encourage friends, knowing they will receive the highest level of care in the warmest of environments.  I’m so thankful to have Dr. Artemis and her team as part of my life!