XymogenXymogen’s exclusive, professional formulas are only available through registered practitioners. They use an exclusive system called ePedigree to keep products off the internet.

Why?  Pedigree laws are being enacted because of the increasing prevalence of counterfeit prescription drugs in the U.S., intermingled with the legitimate drug supply. As XYMOGEN’s market presence increases, so does our possibility of becoming a target for product counterfeiting.

Although Pedigree laws do not affect natural health and supplement companies, the many benefits to our customers and their patients were too great to ignore. These benefits are why we have decided to become the first company in the nutraceutical industry to implement an electronic track and trace program that will encompass our entire line of exclusive, professional formulas.

ePedigree is Xymogen’s system for electronically stamping information onto each and every bottle, including the changes in ownership of a product. It begins with the manufacturer, and documents each transaction until that product reaches the person or organization administering or dispensing the drug.

Instructions for Ordering Xymogen Products Online:

  1. To create your account, go to wholescripts.com/register/bewell-morris
  2. Enter your email address and click “Verify Practitioner” button.
  3. Complete the registration process to create your personal account.
  4. To re-order, log in at the same link above.

There is free shipping if your order is over $49.

Please call the Artemis Wellness Center if you have any questions at (203) 783-9802